Episode 1: Surviving the GM diet

GM Diet-01.jpg

For anyone who doesn’t know what the GM diet is:

It is a weight loss management plan developed by the General Motors Corporation to help keep their employees stay in shape.

If you’re reading this, it means I survived.

My routine Facebook feed consists  of memes and cartoons that are all about food. Even my instagram feed is flooded with pictures of cafes, restuarants and food. What I gather from this is that everyone loves food. Of course.

I love food, I appreciate and celebrate food. I’m constantly hungry. Although I am picky about the food I eat, I ravenously dig into food I like. So why would you go on a diet, Sania? Why? You know you’ve been trying since 2005. It is simply not.going to. happen. Why even bother? Speaking of cake, there is a delicious slice in the fridge.

Ignoring my alter ego, I plunged into the challenge (Okay, crawled).

Day 1: Eat unlimited fruits all day long except mangoes and bananas. Yup. Fruits are not so bad, right? It started out fine. I ate a bowl of fruits for breakfast, took an apple on the go, munched on grapes and oranges at work, ate melons and pears. By dinner time, I couldn’t look at another fruit. I just couldn’t. I like fruits though so it was good but I don’t think I’m going to be working on my Macbook Pro anymore because Apple.

Result: Lost a kilo.

Day 2: Eat unlimited vegetables. My mom worked really hard on trying to make them as edible as they can get without frying them. I ate carrots, cucumbers, brinjals, peas. I could hear my stomach’s gasp of surprise as vegetables tumbled down. My body gave me a standing ovation.

Result: Further half a kilo

Day 3: Combination of fruits and vegetables. Did I mention my sister decided to take on this diet with me? She bought a huge icecream cake for mom as a late mother’s day present and since me and her are the primary eaters of the family, it lies uncut in the fridge (isn’t it beautiful?).


I was losing self control and willpower. Luckily I lacked energy to open the box. I’m just going to skip what I had this day because it is pretty much equation 1 plus 2. Also I cheated a little and ate a packet of chips.

Result: 2 kilos lost.

Day 4: Bananas, soup and milk. Somehow much better than Day 3 even with a limited number of options. Sister decided to quit diet. Ordered chicken and fries and ate them gloriously. I ignored her and ate my soup- is what I would like to say. I didn’t. I ATE CHICKEN AND 2 FRIES. ALSO ATE ANOTHER PACKET OF CHIPS. NOO. ALL THAT FOR NOTHING.

Result: 2 kilos still.

Day 5: Chicken/beef and tomatoes. Technically, yesterday’s slip up could still be saved right? I ate chicken for dinner so maybe I should eat soup for breakfast? Mom’s idea. I thought she was right, it could balance it out. So I will drink soup and eat  chicken and salad for lunch and dinner.

Result: 2.5 kilos.

Day 6: Chicken and vegetables. Didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast. Ate grilled chicken in the afternoon and burgers and fries for dinner. Ate vegetables too.

Result: 2.5 kilos

Day 7: Wasn’t true to myself and completely let go of the diet. Ate some chocolate cake to reward myself for trying at least.

Overall, it is obviously an extreme diet. Pros: helps motivate you when you step on the weighing scale and actually feel the weight loss burn (I did at least). Cons: This was hard and required near kung-fu like willpower strength. I know I cheated a little and now looking back on what I have written, it doesn’t seem even slightly motivational but that was because I was just being honest. It is hard. It is better if you follow other diets or stick to plain eating good food and exercising. Although do it if you need a slight push to nudge you in the right direction. I did it because I think that is what I needed and I hope to stick to a better, if not completely healthy lifestyle after this.

Some more tips:

  1. Drink loads and loads of water throughout.
  2. Don’t need much exercise- 10 minutes should be fine.






10 thoughts on “Episode 1: Surviving the GM diet

  1. Best of luck with meal planning. These challenges can be fun. I used to dance ballet and there was a strict regime for dancers that gave us a lot of energy but kept us lean. I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m not a licensed dietition or medical practitioner but from what I know based on having lots of GI issues and having been advised by trained professionals, most diets don’t work because of the stress of having to be on the diet. It sounds contrary but when your body releases stress hormones, you are more likely to store fat, rather than break it down. Consuming coffee mimics stress hormones and can compound that, too. I am an advocate of eating what you like and what your body can digest easily (because I can’t). However, I am also a fan of exercise. This is not for you, but for the company in general. I think that everyone is not going to fit into the same fitness regime and so a more effective campaign would have seen some individualised meal planning. I hope this helps. Again, best wishes. xo

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