Episode 2: Sephora labyrinth


I lack basic make up skills. In 21 years, I haven’t perfected the winged eyeliner or found the perfect shade of red. I didn’t know what a highlighter was and I definitely had have zero clue about contouring.

I had passed the Sephora store a couple of times and went in once when my friend wanted to make a quick purchase. My friend must have possessed magical immunity that I didn’t have because I went there with Anna (name change just in case) on Friday and felt like I was at Hotel California. You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.

I’m going to try and give any more Sephora newbies advice on how to navigate the labyrinth:

  1. Timing is key. I spent all of my time there. An hour and a half. Not even joking.
  2. Avoid Sephora mermaids. All the people working at the store wear gorgeous shades. I entered the store to find (try to find) the perfect shade of red for myself and I spotted a woman wearing the one I feel in love with. I picked up the long lasting red lipstick.
  3. If you have dark eye bags under your eyes rivalling a raccoon’s, you will lose further time points. A lady with a blond braid (God bless her soul) tried to find the perfect shade that would cover my black whirlpools. Unfortunately, she couldn’t. She didn’t want to give up and took me to the NARS counter to try out the other eye concealers. Anna watched while I looked up as she blended it in and then peered behind me when I looked in the mirror. She gave a slight shake of the head. Nope. Eons later, I did find the perfect shade: Caramel.untitled.png
  4. You will lose all your money. I won’t explain further. Sephora has an array of brands ranging from Dior and Two faced to NARS and Kat Von D. All of them are masters of seduction and will seduce those bills that you were supposed to use for food. Reminder: You can’t eat makeup.
  5. I spotted yet another lady sporting crimson red lips- the Nosferatu shade from the Kat Von D line. Needless to say, you can now watch me and Anna on the next episode of 2 broke girls. images01B1UUGN.jpg
  6. Brain explosion. I wanted to pick just between the red lipstick and the crimson one and just couldn’t. It was a horrible crossroad and somehow, I took both the roads.
  7. Join the Sephora white card community. You just need to fill out some personal details and the lady entices you further by telling you that you receive a welcome gift on joining the sacred club as well as stuff on your birthday. Who wouldn’t want that?


I don’t know if you woke up today morning and expected to read an article that may/may not sound like a Buzzfeed one. Like I said earlier, I’m just discovering things  that I like to write about and this felt like something fun to talk about regarding the  fact that I spent my weekend there. Also because I’m in love and everything is fair in love and war.



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