Zoning out

I was selected to be part of the Zones of Conflict, Zones of Peace program sponsored by Georgetown.

This would be my first trip alone. To Oman and to Zanzibar to study about the political atmosphere of the country as well as it’s history. I had to attend loads of classes, read books and articles written by a variety of authors, participate in discussions and a class debate. Somehow, it still never felt real.

I got busy with a lot of things- the internship, the blog to keep myself occupied and meeting friends. A month later, we had a pre-trip meeting where they would brief us about the logistics of the trip- basic facts, risks of the country, self awareness of surroundings, what we needed to pack etc. It was only when they handed our schedule which was colorfully marked indicating the number of things we would be doing, it began to dawn on me. That I was actually going. I was finally ecstatic. I even put up a mini milestone on my blog that would count down the days to the trip.

As I write this,  however, I am not so ecstatic. The milestone cheerfully exclaims “The big day is here!” but it isn’t. My visa hadn’t arrived by Thursday and we were supposed to be leaving Sunday (aka yesterday). Something tugged at me but I ignored the sinking feeling. Until I received the email that said that our visas had been delayed and we would be joining the rest of the group on Monday. I was so disheartened but still hopeful. Five other people were left behind with me. Some of them tried to push things along with renewed vigor today and one of the staff members was super helpful but the situation is still frustrating. I don’t want to play any blame game but I’m not feeling great right now.

Today is Monday and we still have no visa. I hope Tuesday brings something good along with it. I’ve been melancholy for the past couple of days and have had zero posts. I’m super excited for all the people who got to go though. All I can hope to say is that WE GET OUR VISAS TODAY SO WE LEAVE TOMORROW.

I really want to write about the fun stuff- where I want to go, what I want to do, food that I want to try. Right now, however, this is all I got and I hope the situation gets better and now that I’ve written it, it’s flushed out of my system. Partially at least.

Will update soon as we go along!


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