Oman- Day 0

So I have been away from the internet for a while now because I was in Oman and Zanzibar. To recap, me and 5 other people didn’t get their visas on time and ended up missing 3 days of the Oman + Zanzibar trip that I was part of. However, one sleepless plane ride on Tuesday took us to Oman to rejoin the rest of the group.

The group of people who were selected for this trip included a mix of sophomores, juniors and seniors of different nationalities. I didn’t have a lot of super close friends but as soon as we stepped off the mini-van, they were all there to greet us about surviving the ordeal and I thought it was really nice of them to stay up late.

Midnight thoughts about Oman: First of all, it looks very similar to Qatar in terms of the people and the climate: the humidity made my hair almost frizzy (Disaster 101). Some major differences: it is much greener as compared to Qatar with water running under bridges in the middle of the city. It has four lanes which enable lesser traffic and divergence of cars across lanes. Also Muscat is literaly built smack in the middle of the mountains and there are a lot of beautiful mosques around the city. One of our supervisors also talked about how they couldn’t build sky rise buildings (unlike Qatar which has a gorgeous skyline) because it is made literally around mountains.

Hotel review: For anyone staying at the Crowne Plaza in Muscat, it is beautiful. I love the warm orange hues of the hotel. It’s located at the seafront which looks equally beautiful at night as well as in the morning. 13346967_838848119581847_8050358959830849195_n.jpg

Horrible picture but LOOK AT THE VIEW!

Our room was dimly lit with orange hues and had a great view of the mountains that Oman seemed to be firmly set in the middle of.


Room service was pretty quick and their menu and we got a huge portion of club sandwiches and fries


Things I didn’t do at the hotel: Order the complimentary food basket. I still regret it. If anyone does know what they serve in those, let me know.

I will be writing about a new day tomorrow so stay tuned!


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