Zanzibar: Day 1

Recap: Spent one last day at Oman getting souvenirs and landed in Zanzibar where we were staying at Double Tree hotel by Hilton

Breakfast review: Three tiny tables stacked with food. Two containers filled with juice. I accidentally drank tamarind juice thinking it was apple juice with a zesty flavor (Tasted good so try it).The muffins, croissants, beef sausage, noodles, porridge, oatmeal, nuts were all really good but the best part of the hotel was definitely the seaside view.


Meeting with Dr. Abdul Sheriff: Our first day started off with a meeting with Dr. Abdul sheriff, who was one of the best known scholars in the study of the Oman-Zanzibar conflict. He talked about a lot of aspects of the conflict and even provided an insight into the Indian population that existed within Zanzibar.

(I saw an Arya Samaj Temple and a lot of Indian people owned grocery stores around the place. Made me feel even more at home)

Lunch: The restaurant that we planned to go to was situated at walking distance from our hotel. It was called 6 degrees South and once again, it was situated right next to the beach. The restaurant had a ceiling but it was completely open and the beach breeze was calming. The staff wore patterned outfits and greeted us with a lot of Mambos (Hello in Zanzibar)

I ordered a chocolate smoothie and the Zanzibar vanilla chicken. The chocolate smoothie was naturally good but I expected the Zanzibar vanilla chicken to be some sort of a dish unique to Zanzibar but it turned out to be ordinary grilled chicken with salad. Not to say it wasn’t good- in fact, it was mouth watering.13321722_836981243101868_362752132251824769_n.jpg

Stone Tour: Next we went on a tour of Stone Town where our tour guide took us around the place we were staying at.




This church was located right next to a mosque and our tour guide was quick to point out that the mosque and the church were located right next to each other which symbolized different religious groups living in harmony.

There were a lot of political signs and symbols painted against the wall like this one.





The Jaws Corner was located strategically in the middle of the marketplace and apparently people talked a lot about different policies and politics and the jaws symbolized people talking.










The sparkling sun on the beach made the sea glow and the entire scene seemed straight out of a painting

The fort was one of my favorite places of the tour. It had a mini amphitheater and a place to shop for for souvenirs. It also seemed like a place where I could pack up a basket and have a picnic.


Most of my friends, however, seemed to adore the Freddie Mercury House. Yea, the exact place where he lived for part of his life. There are also loads of restaurants inspired by his name.



Dinner: We had dinner at the same place (Original, I know). This time I ordered something called the Zanzibari spice chicken with fries which was actually pretty tasty. The restaurant was even better at night with more people and more relaxed since we had the evening to ourselves.









Overall thoughts after Day 1:

  1. Zanzibar was an amazing place and no matter where we went, the tops of the building always had a gorgeous view of the sea.
  2. The place we were staying at was tiny and we could get from one place to another by walking provided you were not burned down with heat. (It tended to get hot in the mornings)

Zanzibar Day 1 was amazing and I couldn’t wait to go on Day 2.





















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