Zanzibar: Day 5

Recap: I met Naila Jidawi and went to the Palace museum.

The last morning was pretty chilled out. We were supposed to meet for a final debrief at 12. I woke up at 9 which gave me 3 hours to shop for souvenirs. Make that 2 hours. (I had a big breakfast)

The streets of Zanzibar are a maze of narrow, winding lanes. Stepping out of the hotel and a twists later, I emerged into a marketplace that was made up of tiny shops selling all sorts of things from keychains to printed pyjamas. The shopkeepers are sometimes too overbearing asking you to visit their shops and to come inside and take one look,  I will give you discount, only for you special price. 

Tip: Also, all these places accept dollars as well as Tanzanian shillings. If you are a tourist you have to be really careful as you will end up paying a lot of money for small items or worthless items. Tread carefully!

I ended up buying tooth necklaces, earrings, statues, food holders, magnets, t shirts. You can say I emptied out the store and I hope they actually did give me a special price.

Debrief: I think our last day was basically for the group as a whole to debrief. We discussed about the things we’d learned/seen/talked about

Fun fact: Zanzibar has banned plastic bags. This is an amazing, environmental friendly initiative and I think all countries should follow it up.

Lunch: Courtesy of the hotel, we were given chicken sandwiches and fries for lunch and apple pie for desert.

Flight: We reached the airport at around 1 and our flight left the airport at around 3. One of my friends in the group had arrived to Zanzibar earlier than all of us and she passed through the airport without getting her visa stamped into her passport. Surprisingly, no one checked it either.

So now when we exiting the country, she got into trouble when the guy asked her where her visa was. She had paid for the visa but it wasn’t stamped into her passport. She could only try to convince him that she hadn’t/wasn’t an ‘illegal’ resident by showing him a receipt of the visa she’d paid for. Luckily, he did allow her to pass but just in case,

Tip: Do get your visa sticker on your passport!

We had a stopover at Kilimanjaro. When we were nearing the airport, we saw Mt. Kilimanjaro, it was hazy at first but as we got closer, I got to see the tall peak in all its majestic beauty and snapped a picture. At this point, we were several feet above ground and I was definitely overwhelmed by its size. Although I’ve read all about it, nothing could have possibly prepared me to witness it emerging through the clouds.

Safe to say, we all came back safe and sound and I am hoping to go back again some day.

If you’ve stuck around for all or some of my posts, thank you! I hope I get more opportunities to travel so that anyone reading this could travel along with me through these posts. If you do go Oman or Zanzibar after reading these posts or if you found something that I haven’t explored, let me know so I could visit it if I go back another time!


P.S: My friend Eman Zabi has actually climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro! To read all about her experiences, check out her blog:




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