Episode 4: Frying Nemo?

I fast.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. I didn’t want to say I’m fast. I wanted to say I fast. Fast as in, wake up at 4 a.m, eat food, sleep until 10 and remain without any food or water until 7 p.m. Basically, follow the annual Muslim ritual.

So obviously, since we’re kids (21 still counts as a large teenager) with enormous hunger pangs and cravings, we get hungry in the evenings and decide to go off exploring restaurants in Hyderabad. I come here once a year so I think eating, gobbling, slurping, inhaling have expiry dates in August and my workout session renewal starts in August too. (Hopefully)

We decided to ditch Ohri’s, a restaurant we also like to call ‘Second Home’ and headed off to a new place called Kabara Drive-in. From what it sounded like, I expected a McDonalds Drive-thru. Order food at one counter/machine, drive a little and collect food from the other. Right?

Not so much.

The Kabara Drive-In was a huge square piece of land with stalls on the perimeter. All of the stalls had colorful boards, fun electro-pop playing and a lot of young people miling around the place (both in and out of their cars). And yes, the fish and chips stall was sadly called Frying Nemo. (I’d just finished watching Finding Dory. I don’t know why they would do this to me).


Some of the shops had the cutest cartoons as well as graffiti etched in or next to their stalls. (Stalls/Restaurants? Just gonna call them both).



A wooden staircase in the corner led us to the floor located above the stalls.

Displaying 20160628_213204.jpgDisplaying 20160628_213204.jpgDisplaying 20160628_213204.jpg20160628_213204.jpg

So it wasn’t technically a drive-thru. It was more like a restaurant. The weather was amazing and it was a shame we had to sit in the indoor area but we liked the colorful walls nonetheless. There was also an LCD tv that played Justin Timberlake on loud volume (not going to complain).


The parent menu contained sub-menus from all the restaurants downstairs. I think we spent approximately 1 year deciding on what we wanted to eat since there seemed to be a million options. We ended up ordering the minced lamb pizza from Pietza Pizza and the waiter ran downstairs to get it for us.


The pizza turned out delicious even though it was paper thin. (I love any type of pizza, honestly).  Also, it was mega-cheesy. (Again, I love cheese).

I loved the concept of the place, the atmosphere, the crowd, the food. There’s all sorts of food- Chinese, Italian, Arabian and even desserts as well as milkshakes. I do hope we get to go another time because I want to try the other restaurants as well.



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