Ohri’s Ruci and Idoni

I always assume I’m going to write about something other than food. Or restaurants. As long as I’m in India, however, I shall be a food blogger. Yes, I do realize this isn’t Zomato but I also know that food has always been a major portion of my life. If I were to draw a pie chart, food would be around 60%, 20% sleeping, 19% reading books and  1% anything else.

Yesterday, we ended up raiding Ruci and Idoni after a great suggestion by my cousin who was also the one taking all of us out. By us, I meant me, my sister and 3 of our cousins.

The place seemed fancy on the outside but it was even more so inside. Plush seats lined one side of our table and big, comfortable wooden chairs lined the other side. The place was dim lit and there was a circular candle on our table that was placed inside a martini glass. An entire wall was covered in post its from previous visits appreciating the place and its food. An open kitchen lined one side of the room but it was only used to make cold food or drinks. Another kitchen hid behind a yellow curtain.

The menu showcased a number of dishes- pastas, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and I think it was a bit of a struggle for everyone to narrow down to one dish. We decided on appetizers and drinks first. My cousins got a nutella milkshake and a kitkat milkshake, me and my sister decided to share the Snickers milkshake. The nutella one was a literal chocolate blast (Recommended for people who have chocolate running in their blood), the kitkat and the snickers were more nuanced versions and extremely delicious. We downed ours in seconds.


For appetizers, we ordered the chipotle chicken skewers and the chili chicken melt.



The chicken was perfection and the chili chicken melt was basically chicken, cheese and vegetables on garlic bread.

Me and my youngest cousin settled on the piri piri chicken burger which even though it didn’t say on the menu came with fries (lifeline) served in cutesy basket. I also told them to cut the burger in two because I’m a child and can’t handle the entire thing. The burger was really good even though the piri piri chicken had more Indian flavors as compared to Nando’s (Obviously). It wasn’t too spicy either.


The others ordered a wide variety of dishes.


I tried everything. My sister ordered the piri piri chicken with mashed potatoes and a side of amazing, soft garlic bread. My brother ordered the same but replaced the potatoes with rice and AN, aka the hostess ordered a pizza. Another one of my cousins ordered the white sauce alfredo pasta which also came with a side of garlic bread as well.

I’ve always wanted to go to TGIF or Chili’s in India but it usually never happened because we were outvoted by adults who couldn’t eat huge portions or didn’t want to eat such “fatty” food. After today, I don’t mind not going to Chilis because this place, wish fulfilled.

We were all so full after consuming an inhumane amount of food, we decided to order 1 dessert with 6 spoons for all us. Lol. 13621926_857029937763665_1973981574_o.jpg

We ordered the fudge brownie in a jar. The jar which consisted of chocolate mousse, brownie crumbs, fudge and ice cream and there was also a separate bowl of ice cream.

Service was excellent, the atmosphere was relaxing and the food was heavenly. The prices were slightly on the higher end according to me. But then again, I’m not really sure of the prices in India. (Despite many explanations)

Must visit!



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