Hyderabad, India- Day 20

I’m going to be 21 in a few days and I’m still confused about nature.

I hate insects and reptiles. I’ve heard the “How can you be scared of a cockroach? It’s tiny” or “Just throw your footwear at it” a multiple amount of times. I saw a lizard in my room in India once and me and my sister slept in the stuffy outer room with zero blankets or pillows. True story.

Nature doesn’t come in bits and pieces. The insects come as a package- take or leave. Walking, getting dirty, stepping on rocks- nothing bothers me that much.But do I love nature?

Yesterday, my aunt asked me if I wanted to go to a farm along with her, I immediately agreed and my family, my cousin and his and my grandma all packed up a picnic bag and headed off to a farm which was an hour’s drive from our home. The weather was perfect.

We played songs on full blast and let our windows down. The air was fresh and alive with oxygen. We also stopped on the way to get corn on the cob  (Available at every few kilometers in Hyderabad. Another tip: The mangoes are to die for)

By the time we reached the farm, the clouds were a heavenly, light shade of purple and the slight drizzle gave off a strong petrichor (The smell of the earth after rain)

Tiny, insect eaten plants dotted an area of the farm. Apart from that, it was just a fertile piece of land with a tiny hut for the caretaker to live in. Next to the hut, there was also a water tank with clear, fresh water.

Me and my dad went off exploring into the farm. And we did see centipedes, ants, and other insects. It was a jumble of all the creatures I didn’t like. My slippers also didn’t help and sank down into the mud making my attempts at escape futile. Luckily, there were not many of them and they just appeared at random intervals. The most frustrating thing was that we could hear peacocks but our quest to find them ended in zero results. (I didn’t know the sound peacocks made until that very moment)





I stepped outside the farm to go explore the area. After living in Qatar, you fall in love with green. The plants and the flowers are a literal breath of fresh air. We saw a man grazing his goats on the left side of the farm and ran all to that area as quickly as we could.










I felt like Heidi. Not Heidi Klum but Heidi from the book Heidi who is always playing with goats and eating cheese.

I want to go about like the light-footed goats

-Johanna Spyri, Heidi

I was determined to touch one of the goats. Looking at them, bleating and running away every chance they got, it didn’t seem possible. Until my cousin spotted a baby lamb sleeping in the corner. It didn’t have gentle skin like a well groomed cat/dog. It had coarse hair but it looked so calm and peaceful that I felt like I wanted to bring it home.

For people who love animals, go to farms. Apart from goats, there were hens, cocks, cows, buffaloes, dogs, geese.

My dad, as always, was the only one who was able to touch Sandy (the dog) who transformed into an out of control spinning, wild ferris wheel anytime any one of us got close.







Me and my cousin got chased by the one with the grey marking on its head.






So, do I love nature? As long as it is something on the relaxed side, like a picnic or  a walk, I’m down for it.

For people visiting India (or Hyderabad), farms are wonderful. Visit them but try to go during good weather. Also, I just saved you a trip to the zoo.


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