Episode 5: Thriving towns and Bulbasaur

I had been using a Samsung S4 for the last 3 years. It had a storage capacity of 16 GB and now that it was 3 years old, the storage always kept running out and it gave me a lot of trouble.

So I ditched that one and got myself a new One plus 3 which is amazing, especially in terms of storage and battery. It’s photo quality can almost rival that of the iPhone and I know this because me and my sister (who owns an iPhone 6s plus) sat down and compared each and every feature.

Anyway, now I finally have the room to download games and the battery power to play them! All of these games are fun to play so check them out:

  1.  Fun Run 2:

Wifi: Yes

This is a multiplayer game which connects you to 4 other people who are also playing Fun run 2 and the four of you compete in a race together. You collect powerups on the way and you use them to either attack the others (boxing box, sawblades), move faster (fire blast) or keep yourself safe from the attacks (bubbles!). You can change your avatar which is basically different animals. All of the animals, their clothes, glasses, hats everything can be bought with coins you earn. You earn these coins based on your ranking in every race, the higher the rank, the more coins you get.

2. AA

Wifi: No

Aa seems like a simple game. It has a white background and a black spinning wheel with 4 or 5 spokes. Black balls are lined up beneath and your objective is to get the balls within the spokes. Sounds easy but its not especially if there are 17 balls and you need to get them within the minute gaps. Additive and fun, I’m currently at the 25th level. I have played this game before but it’s fun actually having it on my own phone. It can get reallly addictive so beware.

3. Sims Freeplay

Wifi: Yes

This game is similar to Millsberry and Club Penguin if you’ve played those before. It’s a virtual reality game where you have a sim, build a house for it, apply for a job, repeat those tasks until you’ve built a “thriving town” according to the app. They made me complete a walk through before I could start the game and it was helpful because:

  1.  I understood how the game was played
  2. I knew I didn’t want to continue.

It’s kind of a nice game to play when you’re lazing around but at the moment, I wasn’t really for it.

Last but not the least:

4. Pokemon Go

Wifi: Yes

Half of you are trying to chase Pokemon and the other half of you are tired of hearing it. But there’s a reason why it is taking the world by storm.


  1. You walk around = Health improves (slightly at least)
  2. Nostalgia (I watched the hell out of Pokemon)
  3. Addicting
  4. Fun
  5. I’ve always wanted to be the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer


  1. Infinite loading screen because servers are down (because there are so many people playing)
  2. My sister screaming “I caught the Snake” and alarming everyone
  3. Access to your contacts, your location
  4. Not available in all countries (!!!) This is just super frustrating as I’m sure everyone out there is waiting for it.
  5. Also since so many people are trying to download it, there are illegal versions of it
  6. High mobile data bills.

Still, give Pokemon Go a try. Worth it.I caught Bulbasaur, Meowth and Mankey while I was at home without walking.

Try not to do that. Do not be a couch potato. Grab your phone, put on your sneakers and Pokemon go!





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