Guilt trip

More food. Yes, I do it for the likes. Just kidding.

I went to Guilt trip this Sunday and the name is apt because that is exactly what I was feeling: guilty. I don’t exercise, that’s just not my thing. Even if zombies were to be chasing me, I’d probably surrender within minutes. I grew up to be Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place.

This place looks adorable from the outside

It’s located in Banjara Hills and it’s filled with people my age so it is a pretty cool hangout. There are 2 floors and the inside of the cafe is painted black with colorful empty painting frames on the walls as well as colorful food stickers on the ceiling. The yellow curtain separates the kitchen. Our table was kind of low so we had to slightly bend to eat which was not a hassle for short people like moi but could be bothersome for others.

Like I said, I ate so much I exploded. My sister ordered the Roast Chicken and Herb pizza which tasted like heaven and actually had an in-built oregano flavor (slightly) and the orange basil mojito. I ordered the fried chicken burger and the berry slush. The burger was decent but it was not served with fries and that was annoying. Also it had onions. I have no idea why Indians eat onions with their burgers but in Hyderabad, every place except McDonalds seem to have onions inside their burgers which is just plain weird to me. The pink slush was perfect for the weather and was tinged with fruit. However, I would also recommend the virgin mojito which had mint and lime and was a classic.


My friends ordered the Cheese overload sandwich which was loads and loads of cheese and a little bit of mayonnaise sandwiched between bread.

The main attraction of the cafe were the desserts that were proudly displayed on pink and blue shelves. There were mini cupcakes of different shapes, sizes and flavors.

There were cheesecakes, chocolate brownies, red velvet pastries and anything else you could think of. We ordered the red velvet chocolate pastry and the caramel cheesecake.

Since we wanted to try everything, we also ordered the crunchy chocolate brownie that came with icecream- which definitely gets “brownie points” (Please laugh) and the red velvet cheesecake. Everything was melt in the mouth delicious.

The place was cosy. Everything was served in minutes and it all tasted delicious (Especially the pizza and the red velvet pastry). Also, I think it is a nice hangout for young people and a place where you can actually talk as loud as you want because I did not see a single adult there 😉

Guilty as charged.


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