Episode 6 (special): 21st Birthday!

Disclaimer: I enjoyed my birthday so much that I just felt like writing about it. I had a lot of fun and in no way do I mean to be arrogant or show-offy about anything. I also wanted to express my gratitude to my awesome parents and everyone else who made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Cheers!

My birthday is on the 24th of July. 24/7. I definitely have the coolest date ever. And technically, I have a birthday everyday (wink). I am 21 now and I confess to loving my birthday!

Since my birthday is in July, I always celebrate it with the fam and I guess that’s why it is always different. Celebrating with friends is definitely awesome but family has a different sense of satisfaction. Something that everyone actually looks forward too.

So this year, I literally had 4 cakes for my birthday. I’M NOT BEING ARROGANT OR SHOWING OFF. All I’m saying is that I got surprised with cake. A lot. Obviously, I did fall for it every time because I didn’t expect it.

In the afternoon, my younger aunt showed up with a chocolate cake from a bakery that is well known for its moist chocolatey cakes.

My aunt calls me ducky because she I have a wide smile. “Like a duck” according to her. She also bought mini chocolate muffins from the same bakery and it was heaven. That cake is obviously long gone.






My appetite is legendary and my family knows it. Sometimes they say I need to go on a “diet” whatever that is. I’ve tried looking it up but nothing shows up. My cousin lives in Bangalore and he paid for this amazing pizza online and had it delivered to us! He is super annoying but that was slightly awesome of him. Slightly. Also, no one from my family knows about my blog so I guess I can pen that down here.

Back story: My sister uploaded a horrendous photo of me on Facebook and he said he would reward her for it. When she asked what he would reward her with, he said pizza. So technically he ordered the pizza for her? But he did admit it was for both of us and that it was my birthday so 60% for me and 40% for her I’m guessing. (I was too busy stuffing pizza so I don’t really care?)

I know I tend to jump cut a lot in my blogs so I think you need to learn how to deal with it. My parents threw a small party on the terrace of a place called Kholani’s. The lights along with the elegant color combination of blue and black and the added weather bonus made the place look amazing.

Everyone (I hope) ate to their hearts content because the food was awesome. Mom and Dad had arranged for a barbecue since it was the roof top and we got sizzling barbecues delivered to us.

Not only that, since the buffet was included in the offer, we got to enjoy naans, butter chicken, salads, noodles and too many desserts to even count. Please visit Kholani’s if you haven’t already. They have quick service and the food literally seemed to have descended from heaven.


My friend being the amazing human being that she is baked me a cake! It looked so perfect that it was hard to believe it wasn’t store bought. And it tasted really nice too! I wanted her to have some of it but she literally gifted the entire thing to me and we’re eating it one tiny bite at a time because we’re suffering from cake overdose.




After we ate literally everything, my friend pops in with a huge, cyclindrical cake with candles that kept relighting themselves even when I tried to blow them off. I felt like the wolf trying to puff away the pig’s houses in that story my mom used to tell us. (Google it, if you don’t know). When I finally blew out all the candles, I was allowed to cut the cake and if anyone could compete with a cake from Karachi Bakery, it is this one from Delizo. (Horrible picture but I cropped it out from a horrible quality picture so..)

This was also the cake that was massaged onto my face in a ridiculous, annoying tradition which is only fun as long as you’re doing it to others. I have pictures but I’m never, ever going to share them here.

I’ve wished everyone in person for everything but I’m just going to thank everyone here because I would like everyone to know all the wonderful people I have in my life.

Thank you Mom and Dad for a fantastic party(and an amazing purse that I so desperately needed), AC and ZS and my aunt for filling my birthday with cakes that would shame Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, my older aunt for an amazing pair of earrings, my grand-uncle (?) for buying me books written by Indian authors (I’ve not read a lot of Indian authors so that will be a change) and everyone else for the prettiest bouquets! I hope you guys have amazing lives, awesome birthdays and I hope I’m there to celebrate with you.

Also, thanks Papa John for the pizza. Thank you to other people for their special gifts!

P.S This post probably oozes rainbows and sunshine but that is definitely a good thing and I’m not going to read it again.





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