Episode 7: Denver omlettes and non stick pans

Couple of updates:

  1. My sister has shifted to India to pursue her engineering degree
  2. We bought a really nice flat and Mom is trying to make sure everything is up to order there- signing agreements, the works.
  3. They’re both in India

That leaves me and my dad to fend for ourselves. To compete in a battle of skills and survive a literal round of Hunger Games. Sharpen your knives, everybody! Totally kidding.

So here are a couple of things I learnt staying at home for a week and actually having to cook for myself:

  1. Grocery shopping is fun if you know what you want to get and then get out. It also makes it easier if you know where everything is kept. (Which I didn’t).
  2. Lemons and limes: I can tell them apart now. Lemons are the yellow, large fruits and limes are tinier.
  3. Soup becomes your best friend. I bought packs of them so sometimes when I’m tempted to eat unhealthy,  I just heat water and add it to a bowl. It actually helps because it kind of fills you up. (Another tip: Try eating it before lunch and dinner. It reduces the amount of food you want to stuff in yourself)



4. My dad marinates a chicken really well. Also, I can fry chicken really well now. (pictured left) I also made custom made rice where I just threw in a bunch of my favorite ingredients into the rice and stirred it.

5. I tried to make this tomato curry that my mom makes. And I failed miserably. Apparently I made the mistake of trying to make everything in a normal pan. For that I should’ve used a non-stick pan. When my dad came home, he used the non-stick one and it still didn’t dissolve the tomatoes or the onions and we ate something that tasted good but was definitely not tomato curry.

If you’re bored I totally understand, you may choose to stop reading now. But I’m all hyped up about new cooking skills and learning the “tricks of the trade” according to my dad so I’m just going to rant on.

6. I make almost the best fried fish according to my dad. He’s probably biased towards my mom thought so I’m just going to assume I make the best. (YAS)

7. The lesser oil I use, the more of a disaster it turns into. I tried frying everything with the least oil because I’m trying to eat healthy and the pan just transforms into a fire breathing dragon with fumes all over the place.


8. I tried to make something called a Denver omlette which was basically capsicum, onion, pepper, chili and butter combined into an egg. It was also supposed to have ham or sausages or something like that but I didn’t have the time. (Result on the right)

9. I also made a lot of veggies. Okay, not a lot. Just okra which is my favorite and ate a lot of salad with my food so cucumbers, carrots etc. I realized that okra has this really sticky substance and you need to wait for it to dry So it takes ages to fry. AGES.



10. You need to take a break once in a while and eat out. AND WE DID. NO REGRETS.

We ate this place called Zaatar W Zeit where I ordered the potato chicken platter (Potato and chicken in lemon and garlic- left). We also ate at this place called Bosphorous which was a turkish cuisine restaurant where we had traditional kebab, lamb chops and french fries.

We also ate so much at Friday’s. We had tater twisters and sizzling chicken and cheese (aka heaven itself)






That’s all the adventure for now. I have been so lazy with blogging, I just seem to be eating and sleeping these days. Hopefully will be back soon!






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