Review: Iftaar at Millenium Plaza

Since I haven’t written a post in what seems like a decade, I decided that the best come back would be a post that reviews food.

Throughout my holidays, I’ve been lounging in my pyjamas all day and watching more shows than I can count. I’m so used to being a human tortilla in my blanket that the only time I get out of it is when I go to the fridge (slightly reduced since Ramadan).

My mom has not been around during Ramadan so me and Dad have gotten better at cooking after an intense period of trial and error. So you can imagine our delight when we invited to have iftaar at Millenium Plaza. Good food and not having to do the cooking? Win!

The iftaar was to be held at the Circle Restaurant at Millenium Plaza, located at C Ring Road opposite Red Lobster. I had passed by the area many times but never really noticed the brick colored building that boasted of the Millenium Plaza. The entrance was decorated with a glass staircase, Arabic lamps and kettles containing karak and kahwa.

















The Circle restaurant was located at the second floor and it was just as welcoming as the entrance albeit filled with more people. A blue tablecloth and a colorful lighted lamp greeted us at the table. The restaurant did not have harsh lighting and that was already a major bonus from me- it felt warm and comfortable.

We arrived a few minutes before iftaar giving me time to check out the buffet before choosing what I wanted to have. Usually I am picky about food, but the lavish spread at Millenium looked great.

Salad bar

There were a variety of salads arranged on a table that was lit up with blue and purple lights. I spotted the famous Arabic appetizers- moutabbel, fattoush, shattah kept alongside the corn salad and varieties of lettuce and cucumbers. I had never really tried the shattah before, so I looked forward to it and wasn’t disappointed. I pretty much tried everything on this table but wasn’t a big fan of the corn salad.

Grilled chicken

Another table to the side boasted of mini snacks for iftaar such as samosas and spring rolls. Moving along the table, I found myself face to face with the mixed grill which had a mix variety of chicken, mutton and lamb kebabs sauteed with onions. This dish was definitely something I would add to the food I really enjoyed at Millenium.

Meat dishes



Some of the other dishes at the buffet included the cream of tomato soup, grilled salmon, chicken with freeken rice, lamb with okra, butter chicken, lasagna, baby potatoes (that tasted as good as they sound) and broasted chicken. Butter chicken, being an Indian dish, can easily go wrong if the spices are off but I really liked the butter chicken and even the rice (I hadn’t tasted this type of rice before). The grilled salmon was a little dry but apart from that, I really liked pretty much all the dishes I mentioned above because I tried all of them.

19024838_1083440495122607_214987669_o.jpg  The juice counter consisted of jallab (far left- which I initially assumed to be coke). After a quick google search, I found that it was actually a type of fruit syrup that was consisted of carob, dates, grape molasses and rose water. I’m not a big fan of dates so I preferred the Qamardin juice right next to it which was apparently made from dried apricot paste (another quick Google search). The next one didn’t really have a label so I’m not sure exactly what it was.



19024716_1083445568455433_128784467_o.jpg          18836473_1086030044863652_1895481406_o.jpg

A look at the tastefully arranged bread selection that consisted of baguettes, buns and croissants and the fruit selection that consisted mainly of apples kept alongside dates and dried apricots.


Coming to my favourite section (and my favourite part of the evening!)- the desserts. I may have gained 5 kgs overnight because I tried each and every one of these desserts. My favourite was the basbousa (cooked semolina or farina soaked in simple syrup), the apple cake and the berry cake. Although I was enticed with the red velvet cake, the frosting was a little too crystalized for me.

Overall, I had a great time (and so did Dad)! The ambience was welcoming, the food was gorge-worthy and very decent for an iftaar spread. The iftaar at Circle is 165 QR per person and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed (I wasn’t). Millenium Plaza also offers suhoor which is at 110 QR per person so let me know if you’re ever planning to head down there or if your thoughts differ from mine. Cheers!






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